25 Popular Funny Shrek Memes Found Anywhere

Today we are going to explore funny Shrek memes but first, let’s answer some questions that people want to know about Shrek.

  1. How old is Shrek?  This is actually something that pops up when searching for Shrek Memes.  The problem though is that there is no answer.  I would hope that he no older than 30 considering that he married Princess Fiona.  She would want to marry someone around her age right?  So the unofficial answer is somewhere in the ballpark of 25 to 30 years old.
  2. How tall is Shrek?  Some say that he was originally supposed to be 7 feet tall but that would have made him tower over Fiona.  Also, we see in the 4th Shrek movie that there are taller Ogres.  Just from observation when he stands next to other human characters he is perhaps around 6’1″ to 6’5″.
  3. Did Will Smith voice Shrek?  No, that would Mike Myers who actually replaced Chris Farley.
  4. Is Shrek getting rebooted?  Yes.  According to DreamWorks Wiki it should be released in 2020.

#2 That Would be My Home


#4 Trying Not to Laugh in Class

#7 He is Risen