Funny Memes That Only Married Couples Will Understand (29 Pics)

These funny memes are geared toward married couples but if you’ve been living with your significant other for a considerable length of time then you’ll probably connect to these pics also.  Once you’re finished with these memes make sure to check out our funny pics made just for the Halloween season.

#2 When My Husband Changed the Baby’s Diaper

#7 Oh Look My Wife’s Last Nerve


#10 Left My Husband Alone For One Hour

#12 Trying to Convince My Wife I’m Excited to Go Apple Picking This Weekend

#15 When Your Husband Won’t Apologize Because of a Dream You Had

#16 When Your Husband Empties the Dishwasher and Vacuums the Floor

#18 Marriage Lets You Annoy One Special Person for the Rest of Your Life

#20 When My Wife Works in the Evening and Asks Me About My Plans

#21 When Your Husband Takes Out the Trash Without a Reminder

#23 When You’re in the Shower and Your Wife Walks in, So You Got to Remind Her of the Goods

#24 What’s Something You Do That You’d Never Tell Your Spouse

#28 When She Says ‘Fine, Go Ahead and Do Whatever You Want.’